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Welcome to Angel Dental based in the market town of Helston in West Cornwall.
We also serve the surrounding areas including Porthleven, Breage and The Lizard. We are situated within walking distance from the town centre via Coinage Ope or parking is available in two nearby car parks less than 2 minutes walk from us. We are part of the Angel Centre with level ground floor access to all parts of our premises including reception and all surgeries.
We are a small independent dental practice offering a professional and confidential service with high quality dentistry including tooth whitening, invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, veneers, implants and anti-wrinkle treatments with botulinum toxin injections.
At Angel Dental we want to help you achieve the best for your mouth, if that means healthier gums - we can help, straighter teeth - we can help, if that means replacing that missing tooth to fill that gap which has been bothering you forever - we can help, if that means whiter teeth - we can help, if that means new veneers or crowns - we can help

Routine Dentistry
All general aspects of dentistry are available including hygienist appointments, restorations, crowns, bridges, dentures and extractions. Patients will have the option to join our Care Plan which for a monthly fee covers examinations and hygienist visits . The plan also includes  worldwide supplementary insurance to give our patients piece of mind if away in the UK or abroad. Price starts from £12.90. To download a copy of our price list click here.

 Prevention better than cure

There is a strong influence on prevention at Angel Dental, most dental diseases are preventable and our team will help patients to do their best to care for their own mouths. This should lead to improved oral health and save you money in the long term. For patients with gum disease we offer a gum care programme on either a 'pay-as-you-go' basis or on one of our care plans. Regular visits are important to maintain gum health and to give advice on the cleaning techniques you use at home.

Tooth Whitening

You can pay a lot of money for whitening treatments that aren’t always terribly effective over the long term. The system that we offer is recommended by experts and produces a lasting result. We take moulds of your teeth and provide you with trays and a gentle whitening agent that you use at home. This provides a more gentle, longer lasting whitening and you are in control of the end result, you simply stop using the system when you are happy with the result.
For quick results or to get a head start we also offer in surgery or 'power' whitening either as a stand alone treatment or in conjuction with home whitening.





A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the jaw and used to anchor a replacement tooth (or teeth) in place. They are available as a single implant to replace one tooth, a series of implants to replace a whole set of teeth or implants placed to help retain a denture and hold it firmly in place.

Cosmetic Treatments

One of our treatments is Botulinum toxin injections which help reduce the appearance of lines on the forehead, frown marks and crows feet. 

If you require more information or would like to book an appointment please visit our Contact Us page

'Invisible' Braces

Angel Dental also offers treatment with low visibility orthodontics such as clear aligners, removable appliances or fixed braces with clear brackets these have successfully given hundreds of older teenagers and adults amazing smiles that they can be proud of. Mark Retallack is a certified provider of both Invisalign and Oralign giving you a wide range of options to choose from. Together with experts from these companies he will create an individual treatment plan for you using custom made appliances to solve a range of issues, including:
  • over crowded teeth
  • widely spaced teeth
  • overbites
  • underbites
  • crossbites.


Clear aligners are practically invisible, so nothing gets in the way of your new smile. They are unobtrusive in business meetings or social gatherings and there are no metal wires or bands to irritate your mouth.

There are a range of other appliances available to help with more complicated movements and to shorten treatement times, these are all designed to be as unobtrusive as possible.
It is very likely that people won’t notice you’re wearing braces.

For more details visit the Invisalign or Oralign websites from our Links page.


Fast Braces - A lot can happen in 20 weeks


Mark Retallack has now undergone training for the Fastbraces system, this is much quicker than conventional orthodontics due to the unique design of the brackets and wires. 

For more information contact Mark Retallack on              01326 560730 or through the 'contact us' page



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